Signal and Image Decomposition and Inpainting



  1. Matlab 6.x and later.

  2. WaveLab802 or later.

Tested platforms

  1. Successfully with Matlab 6.x and 7.x under Unix Solaris/Linux/MacOSX and now under Windows (New: CurveLab mex files compiled under Cygwin).

Important note

  1. MCALab incorporates software for two other transforms not distributed with WaveLab. For instance the wrapping version of the Fast Discrete Curvelet Transform implemented in CurveLab, and the UDWT from the RWT toolbox. Note that some of the CurveLab functions have been slightly modified to match our dictionary data structure, and to implement curvelets at the finest scale. We strongly recommend that the user downloads our modified version included in MCALab. Both of these transforms are are in the subdirectories MCALabWithUtilities/CurveleToolbox and MCALabWithUtilities/UDWT. The user may read Contents.m in MCALabWithUtilities/ for further details.

  2. The user is invited to read carefully the license agreement details of these transforms softwares on their respective websites prior to any use.

Download Version 120 (Release April 2009)

  1. MCALabWithUtilities.tgz     RWT and CurveLab toolboxes modified and included. Only installation of WaveLab is mandatory.


  1. CurveLab mex files have been compiled for Windows with Cygwin gcc. The mex files for Windows are now included with MCALab.