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Current Students

Former students
  • William Piat (PhD 2020-2023, now at Safran)
  • Imad El Bouchairi (PhD 2018-2021, now Assistant Prof. INSA Rouen)
  • Antonio Silveti-Falls (PhD 2017-2020, now Associate Professor at CentraleSupelec)
  • Kelvin Shuangjian Zhang (Post-doc 2019-2021, with Gabriel Peyré, now Post-doc Univ. Waterloo)
  • Shi Yan (Post-doc 2019-2020, now Post-doc Norway)
  • Thi Tuyen Nguyen (Post-doc 2018-2019, with Nicolas Forcadel)
  • Cesare Monlinari (Post-doc 2018-2019, now Ricercatore Univ. Genoa)
  • José G. Gomez-Garcia (Post-doc 2017-2019, with Christophe Chesneau, now Assistant Professor AgroParisTech)
  • Yosra Hafiène (PhD 2015-2018, co-supervised with Abder El Moataz, now Assistant Professor at INP Toulouse)
  • Duy Tùng Lùu (PhD 2014-2017, co-supervised with Christophe Chesneau, now Associate Data Scientist at CANTON Consulting)
  • Jingwei Liang (PhD 2013-2016, co-supervised with Gabriel Peyré, Leverhulme fellow, now Associate Professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
  • Jérôme Bobin (PhD CEA Saclay 2005-2008, with J.-L. Starck, post-doc with E. Candès at CalTech and Stanford, now Research Scientist at CEA)
  • Fabien Navarro (PhD 2010-2013, co-supervised with Christophe Chesneau, now Associate Professor Sorbonne Univ.)
  • Arnaud Woiselle (PhD CEA-Saclay and SAGEM DS 2007-2010, with J.-L. Starck, now Research Engineer at SAGEM DS)
  • François-Xavier Dupé (PhD 2006-2009, co-supervised, post-doc at CEA Saclay, now Associate Professor Univ. Marseille)
  • François Lecellier (PhD 2005-2009, co-supervised, post-doc IRISA, now Associate Professor Univ. Poitiers)
  • Larbi Boubchir (PhD 2002-2007, now Associate Professor Univ. Paris 8)
  • Charles Deledalle (post-doc 2011-2012 with Gabriel Peyré, now Research Scientist at Brain Corp)
  • Maher Kachour (post-doc 2010-2011 with Christophe Chesneau, now Associate Professor at IDRAC Lyon)
  • Li Hua (post-doc 2003-2004)